Yvonne Willemse

°1967 Oudenbosch (NL)

Lives and works in Breda (NL)


“Geometric minimal art offers me structure, freedom and a sense of belonging to people I care about. It doesn't have to be more”


A new project slowly starts up in my head. A self-written short story inspires me to make a spatial construction as a starting point to search for compositions in the flat surface. Making collages allows me to rely on my feeling to create a fascinating division of the plane. One collage leads to another, by a small variation or by not avoiding the chance. I like to show an imaginary axis that conveys a controlled balance or, for more tension, allow a deviation from the straight line.

I develop a selection of these collages into oil paintings on wood or drawings on paper. I always apply the smooth geometric surfaces in many thin layers of pigment, striving to make the surface structure looking vulnerable. A conscious choice for austerity in terms of color does not feel like a limitation, but makes it so much more visible to me.

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