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‘Retroavangarda’s Collage Art Exhibition’ – International Collage Exhibition

From February 15th to March 3rd 2018, Retroavangarda organized the International Collage Exhibition – it was the first edition of this event, marking the beginning of a series of collage exhibitions. The collection was displayed in Korekta Gallery – a small gallery of contemporary art located in the centre of Warsaw, and it showcased artworks of 24 artists from .

Dada as a worldview

“To think that Dada will ever die is an absurd. Dada will always emerge anew one way of another, always when too much stupidity has amassed” Kurt Schwitters Schwitters was right – Dada isn’t dead. It survived because dadaism is not just another art movement – dadaism is an attitude, a worldview. Dada came into existence in Zurich. While .