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International Collage Art Exhibition in Poland Retroavangarda Gallery, Warsaw

International Collage Art Exhibition in Poland Retroavangarda Gallery, Warsaw

The exhibition is extraordinary, as it reviews the most interesting and recent accomplishments in this field of art and, at the same time, it is one of the biggest collage expositions in Europe in recent years. The exhibition will showcase over 200 original, handmade pieces crafted by masters of collage from many, many countries, i.e.: Japan, Argentina, Bolivia, Guatemala, .

Graphics, photography and poster exhibition in Retroavangarda Gallery

Until the end of this year, Retroavangarda Gallery located  in Jerozolimskie Business Park will be showing the international exhibition of graphics, photography and poster. The main hall of the Gallery exhibits 20 original, signed by hand and numbered graphics by Japanese artist Fumio Tomita. The pieces attract the eye with vibrant colors and futuristic shapes, bringing to mind geometric .

‘Retroavangarda’s Collage Art Exhibition’ – International Collage Exhibition

From February 15th to March 3rd 2018, Retroavangarda organized the International Collage Exhibition – it was the first edition of this event, marking the beginning of a series of collage exhibitions. The collection was displayed in Korekta Gallery – a small gallery of contemporary art located in the centre of Warsaw, and it showcased artworks of 24 artists from .