Concrete and Neoconcrete art of the 50s/60s in Brazil

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Hermelindo Fiaminghi

Concrete and Neoconcrete art of the 50s/60s in Brazil

Concretes/Neoconcretes Paulistas Exhibition Curator: Macaparana In São Paulo there is currently an ongoing exhibition of the Concrete and Neoconcrete art of 1950s/60s, which attracts attention of European critics and collectors. In the past few years there has been a significant rise of interest in Brazilian geometric abstract art and the artists presented on the exhibition are of top international tier. .

Macaparana – the continuer of neoplasticism and Malevich’s concept

Today we present a great contemporary artist from Brasil – Macaparana, who creates geometrical art. In his art there is visible influence of avant-garde art, especially of such artists as Hans Arp or Polish sculptor Katarzyna Kobro. Macaparana, born 1952, is a Brazilian painter, illustrator and sculptor. He presented his first solo exhibition as early as in 1970 (he was 18). .