Stefan Heuer

Stefan Heuer, born 1971.

Since 1997 numerous publications of poetry, prose, reviews and short plays in literary magazines, anthologies, calendars and internet. A lot of separate publications, last:


• "herzstück", poetry, 2016 (Verlagshaus Berlin)

• "Katzen im Sack", novel, 2017 (Elif Verlag)

• "Asche in den Wunden", poetry, 2018 (Ratriot Media)


Lyrics for the german soul-band tiefblau and the electro-projects kannkind and mixpoke.


Collage, assemblage, prints, combine paintings; solo and group exhibitions, mail art projects and artist’s books, last:


• "langustenbäume, die auch reden", poems from Frank Milautzcki & collages from Stefan Heuer

• "Anleitung zur Ersten Hilfe bei Unfällen / Instructions for first aid in case of accidents", collaboration with Susanna Lakner

• "Einheitskurzschrift", collaboration with Susanna Lakner (Redfoxpress Ireland)

• "Wonderful Holiday Picture Stories", collaboration with Geronimo Finn

• "Sprechnotiz / orange", collaboration with Sabine Remy

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