Silvia Wladimirski

Silvia Wladimirski
Buenos Aires, Argentina – España
Collage artist, based in Madrid.


My first introduction to art was through painting 20 years ago by the hand of Marta Ratti as my painting teacher. Then, also my guide to collage.


Then, along the way , the collage became my form of expression It allows me to tell stories, to describe moments that leave a mark on me.


My work relates to my being a woman and everything that is vital to me or worries me, like environmental or social issues. I approach collage with curiosity and intuition, with a playful manner… collage is a serious game.


I usually combine images and textures, using all kinds of materials (cloth, organic, thread, fabric, etc.). These elements give my work a certain abstract character.


Some of my works were selected for Rapsodia magazine, Oltre fanzine, Kaos Festival, Roco, etc.