Silvia Beltrami

Silvia Beltrami was born in Rome in 1974 and graduated from Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera (Academy offine Arts) in Milan.

“The collage undoubtedly represents one of the most significant elements in modern and contemporary art starting from cubism until the present day. Beltrami enters into this matter in a unique way, re-interpreting the topics and reflecting on reality with all of its breaks, wounds and all of facets. Her anxiety (recalling the great Harold Rosenberg) deserves our full attention.” Dr. Ellen Maurer Zilioli

Solo Exhibitions
2017 "Vanishing points" XXS Aperto al contemporaneo, Palermo (IT)
2016 "Vanishing points" Costantini art gallery, Milan (IT)
2011 " Limbo " Maurer Zilioli Contemporary Arts Gallery, Brescia (IT)
2010 " Silvia Beltrami-collages , Rita Siragusa-Sculture "Curated by Maurer Zilioli, Italian Institute, Monaco, Germany
2009 " Lead men " Curated by Paolo Bolpagni, Cavalli Gallery, Filetto, Massa Carrara, Tuscany, Italy
2007 " Castelli di carta " Yellowcake Gallery, Bergamo, Italy

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