Sara Vattano

Born in 1990 in Sicily, student of Architecture, known on facebook as Sara Koi, name from Japanese culture to which she particularly interested in and that represents a deep inspiration for your works. In fact, minutiae, precision and slowness poetics are the base of her collage, images graphic combinations and way of expressions defining her, through clear revelations arose from the mind tangles with the lightness of clouds and the inconsistency of dreams. Living for her is creating a perfect symbiosis between philosophy and art. In the same way, her dreams, in line with my thoughts becoming visions, stories, short films or trips to the moon, born as abstractions and before as amazement, such as a little girl who for the first time sees colors. In addition to the research on Japanese culture, the studies on Russian avant-garde allowed her to recognize herself in a sort of way of “layering” representation, sliding planes into an abstract background: in these dimensions she traced the fil rouge combining my conjectures to these “art-moments”, soaked of architecture, becoming like a mirror, an echo of my thoughts. So Collage are the results of deep studies on art, its compositions and readings that accompanying her along the way of changing. It is fault of Art. “I just owe her this unbridled passion for which I live, imagine and color my life”. Every collage is full of feelings, pulse, hidden metaphors, joy and pain, and cosmic whys. Each one is indefinite and unreal. Consequently, the dream and the journey join into one body thrilling wonder and crypticity to the observer, in search for himself. He stops his beat becoming the protagonist wrapped into a mystery. It is an incessant seek defining during the flowing of time even if at the state of illusion. I conceive the collage in a physical and metaphysical way. Images hanging between perdition and affirmation together with mirrors that modify appearances, finding rest sometimes in a “baroque traditional armchair”. In this way, hangings, labyrinths, moons, even if at times hidden, turn into the sense of everything, among surreal spaces and skies. These images represent my life, surrounded by extreme magic, sometime obscure and wonder. Everything behind the Veil of Maya.

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