Sacha Itchi

I'm Itchi, an illustrator, graphic designer and artist living in Paris. After graduating from my art school, I started working as a freelance in 2009. Making collages is now my full time job, and I've worked for various clients such as hotels, book editors, magazines and participated in several exhibitions in France and abroad. Collecting magazines, looking for treasure in flea market or in the basement of an old uncle is one of the most enjoyable parts of the process. Mimmo Rotella, Saul Leiter, Alexander Rodchenko and Russian constructivism, dada movement, Martin Scorsese's movies are some of my influences.


I make handmade collages using different kind of material such as old magazines (mainly from the 50s and the 60s), books, postcards, music partition. I want to bring characters, faces, objects from the past back to life. I use geometry, typography, touches of colors as modern exclamation that replace my subject in a suspended time. My collages are mainly handmade, sometimes I add some digital elements, sometimes not. Making collages is like a game to me, a bit like a puzzle that has a plethora of possible outcomes.