Ria Bauwens

Ria Bauwens is a photographer, long life mail artist and collage maker. Mail art has given her the urge to create small size art. She produces series of small collage works.It is a never ending production process.

Apart from these series she also works on a bit bigger scale and in other types of media (photography, mixed media, carving, artist books)

She finds beauty in discarded paper, zines, books, old photos, dried plants. Tools of the trade are a scissors and glue, ink, paint, needle and thread.

In a way, the work becomes minimalistic in that she mostly uses as little cutouts as possible to create one collage. It often takes time and effort to finally see the pieces blend together. Balance in form and color are as important as  the whole process to finish the piece. The obtained image is a new visual narrative which can be read in different ways.

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