Pim Piët

Pim Piët (1954), Visual artist, creative thinker, exhibition designer, curator

Studio: Westeinde 58, The Hague

1954 Born in The Hague.

1973-1977 Study at the Free Academy in The Hague.

1977-1979 Worked at Bomans van Beuningen in Rotterdam 1982-1991 Member of the board of the 'Haagse Kunstkring'

1987-1992 Member of the board of the Artoteek (art loan center)

1989-1991 Chairman of the Art Department of the 'Haagse Kunstkring'

1992-1993 Member of a commission of Stroom HCBK

1993-1994 Member acquisition commission Artotheek, The Hague 1995 Scholarship of Art fund.

2010 Oeuvre price 2010 from Heden (Art center), The Hague

2012 Pro subsidy of Stroom HCBK

2017-2018 Exhibition designer for Bos Fine Art, The Netherlands


Working as a visual artist. Mostly in painting and drawing and installations. The works are developed in series of works, which will be exhibit in a space, which is part of the work. Most of the times I try to make a kind of installations of the solo exhibitions, I have. The last few years I have also been working with the composer Anna Mikhailova to bring sound into the paintings and installations. Examples are the Pulsar project in the Ketelfactory in Schiedam and Stroom The Hague, Silence sound (based on John Cage) Pulchri Studio in The Hague, the Noise Project (Edgar Varèse) Spanjaardshof en Haagse Kunstkring in The Hague (2016), Noisy Poetry Painting in Kadmium, Delft and Boogie Tone project (sound composition based on Piet Mondriaan music) in Sint Nicolaïkerk in Utrecht. Also a project with composer Jerzy Bielski: Turning point in Galerie Sophie in The Hague and Project Medistation (2015) with artist Sha Yee Jin in De Spanjaardshof in The Hague.


In my work the words/letters (language) are becoming part of the painting, as is form, color, structure and composition. The language is part of the painting proces. The paintings are a search for a form of visual poetry and reflection. Based on a specific idea which is the starting point of the painting/serie or installation. And is the beginning for the further development of the project and the serie.

Because of the consistent use of the language (words/letters) in my work and the way I use them in my work, the words/letters are becoming images and language and playing a double roll. The way how I use the words (language) I hope to create a 'new' way of consciousness.

In the installations I want to create specific environments to think and meditate about the way we communicate on different levels and from different kind of experiences.

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