Paula Delecave

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 1975, lives in Lisbon, where she attended the post graduation in Books for Children (UCP-Lisbon, 2017).

Works as an illustrator and graphic designer. 


As an illustrator uses mostly collage as the language. She has done some editorial illustrations for magazines in Brazil. She worked as a designer on the exhibition Favelité (Paris, France, 2005): a panoramic show about the favelas (shanty towns) at the Luxembourg RER station. This show won a mention by the Association of graphic designers of Brazil, on the 8th Biennial of Graphic Design (2008). The exhibition showed the favelas as an integrated part of the city of Rio. The concept included collages in real scale, reports from locals, researchers and architects and a chronology.


She published a couple of books for young readers featuring characters with some kind of faulty social inadaptation: one in Brazil called “When John lost his words” written by a psychologist telling a true story about a boy who suffered from bullying at school, and two in  Portugal - “What an Adventure is to be Matilde” (published by a ONG) with text by a portuguese writer, about  the daily life of a real girl who has Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome, and “Grandfather Has an Eraser in His Head”, about a grandfather who suffers from Alzheimer told by his grandson worrying with his gradual loss of memory.


She is also an actress, having performed in plays in Brazil and Lisbon. Recently developed a partnership with António Jorge Gonçalves, Portuguese artist, with whom she acted on the plays Frutoscópio and O convidador de Pirilampos, based on Ondjaki book.

Since 2017 she has been delivering workshops and visual performances for families and young audiences, in Lisbon and around Portugal.


As designer is partner with designer Rara Dias, for more than 12 years at Zot design, specialized on publications of fine art about brazilian artists such as Waltercio Caldas, Ernesto Neto, Antonio Dias, among others.