Neda Abbas Alizadeh

Neda Abbas Alizadeh was born in 1986 in Isfahan and graduated from Yazd University with a bachelor's degree in science and art. Due to his great interest in art since high school, graphics attracted the field of graphics. His desire for design stems from his dependence on order and geometry in nature.


From 2019 to 2012, he was a member of the International Association of Graphic Designers "China-Europe International Design Culture Association" (CEIDA), the Association and Jury of the International Network of Visual Creators "Red" (RINC), Mexico, Pakistan Art and Design Committee (PADO)


He is known as a "graphic designer" and "art director" and in 2013 he established his advertising company called Soner Graphic and his main activities are graphic design and cooperation of "technical consulting" with advertising companies. This artist and graphic designer is responsible for a number of Iranian magazines and newspapers, including Jame Jam newspaper and Isfahan's top media.


He has participated in many domestic and foreign poster festivals (Iran-USA-Italy-Mexico-Budapest-China-South Korea-Switzerland-Turkey-Azerbaijan-Poland-Malaysia) and his works have been selected in many of them. . A number of his works have been published in Iranian graphic books

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