Mikhail Lezin

Mikhail Lezin. Born in Togliatti (Russia) in October 19, 1974.

1988 - first art experience. Since 1989 - self-directed learning painting, drawing. Since 1990 - sound-art-project "DYA". 1990-2003 – collage, figurative painting. Producing self-made books, art-miscellany «DYA» (1991 – 1998). Since 1996 - sound-guitar player of the band "Teacher of Botany". 2000 - Art union "Vnedry". Since 2006 - member of Creative Union of Artists "Solyaris".


Solo exhibitions:

2014 "Simple images", Togliatti Art Museum, Modern Art Department, Тоgliatti, Russia

2013 "Noise music", Erarta Gallery, St.-Petersburg, Russia

2012 "Boom", Ten43 Gallery, New York, USA

2011 "Iron rusts easily", Art-Propaganda Gallery, Samara, Russia

2011 "Pure formality", Perm art-residence, Perm, Russia

2011 "On paper, untitled", Spider&Mouse Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2009 "Mischtechnik auf Papier", "40 squares" Gallery, Smolensk, Russia

2009 "Glitch", Zverev's Centre of contemporary art, Moscow, Russia

2007 "Notations", Solyaris Gallery, Togliatti, Russia

1994 "Painting", flat exhibition, Togliatti, Russia

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