Miguel Correia

Graphic Artist/ Art Director/ Editor/ Curator


Born in 1979 in Aveiro, Portugal.

He is a Graduate in Visual Communication Design at the School of Arts and Design in Matosinhos, Porto. His professional and academic backgrounds are both linked to Branding since 1997. Miguel started with a Technological Design Course in José Estêvão high school which granted him an internship in the Department of Design and Communication of the Aveiro City Council. Currently he is the manager, co-founder and also art director for Gula Visual, a communication agency in Aveiro. In his spare time Miguel is also the editor for the artistic fanzine Ultra Violenta. He is a visual being, more observant than talkative. From a young age he was curious to discover and explore everything that had to do with art and design. He is passionate about the history of arts and the civilizations that used painting, sculpture and architecture to leave a legacy that lasted for centuries. He is thrilled to discover in each new artist he encounters new forms of expression and creative manifestation. With a few years as a design student and a few more as a professional in this area his path allowed him to have different visual discourses, as different as the brands he has worked for. It is in art that he finds a truly free form of communication, without conditionings, briefings or limitations. This practice is essential to unlock new ideas and broaden creative horizons.