Juan Madriz

Juan Madriz, born in Santa Ana de Coro Venezuela, studied Graphic Design at the Rodolfo Loero Arizmendi Institute of Technology (2006), is a poster artist at heart and a graphic designer by profession is a specialist in the design of posters and corporate image design, he is an illustrator, his work is based on the study of the image to build a complete visual concept, to achieve a graphic with a lot of impact, direct and strong, always very simple and simple, in this way leaves a mark on the mind of the viewer who appreciates their language.


Many of his posters have been dedicated to the social issue through his posters, he seeks to call on society and thus shout a visual message to Humanity, has taught workshops for design students in Ecuador, Venezuela and Chile, is a curator and museographer, has also participated in graphic congresses of design and visual communication in Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.


He is the creator and founder of the CREACARTEL poster contest. Venezuela (2010), an event that has three editions held in 2010, 2011 and 2013, together is co-founder of Designers with Heart (Ecuador) 2016, he is a member of the Venezuelan Design Network (2010), is a founding member of Entre- Crazy Art Collective (Venezuela) 2007.


His posters have participated in different international exhibitions such as Iran, Italy, Spain, USA. UU., Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, Slovakia, Poland, Russia, Japan, China, including the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris, France. Various publications and digital magazines have shown their work, especially catalogs and books specialized in graphic design and visual communication in various parts of the world.