Jeltje van Houten

I live and work in Amsterdam.

Geometry and minimalism are keywords and play an important role in my work. I have worked with many different materials in the past until I started using linen covers and pages of second hand books and create a new composition.

The colours, the texture are so beautiful, they tell a story. Sometimes they are damaged, ugly, faded. The fact that they are old gives the artwork depth, a new story.

I work both two and three-dimensionally and with many different materials. The work can be small but also large in size, for inside but also for placement in the outside space.

I am very interested in designing installations. Here too order and regularity play an important role!

I am also interested in applied art and I have been commissioned to design various awards.

As far as my monumental work is concerned, artworks have been placed in various locations in the The Netherlands.

Since 2008 I have been in charge of Community Art projects. These projects give local residents the opportunity to create a work of art together for their own neighbourhood often leading to better social contacts between participants.

I work together with the Bos Fine Art gallery in The Hague. My work is in stock there.

I also participate in the Susstainebility exhibitions that will visit museums in Russia in 2021.

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