Franz Samsa

Mirko Pugliara, working under the name of Franz Samsa, is an italian collagist. He was born in Syracuse and studied at BolognaŹ¼s Academy of Fine Arts before starting painting in 2002. At the end f 2015 he joined the Italian collage group “Oltre Collage”. In 2016 his work was exhibited at International Collage Exhibition organised by Kolaj Magazine. In 2017 his works has been exhibited in Marseille, Los Angeles, New York, Rome, Florence and Milan. Franz published “Fucking Italian” with the artist Martin Carri, and his solo book “Loveless”, and a cover for Julian Evans best sellers wrote “Philosophy for Life: And other dangerous situations“, published by Mondadori. Franz loves to teach collage at Fabriano Boutique Milano and University of Architecture New Castle, UK.

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