Erendida Mancilla

Mexican graphic designer specialized in typography and poster design.

She is a research at the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

She has participated in different individual and collective exhibitions with social and cultural themes, his work has been exhibited in Germany, Argentina, Korea, Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador, Spain, United States, Greece, Ireland, Iran, Mexico, Poland, Russia and Venezuela, among others.

He has been part of the pre-selection committee of the Second Call international poster contest (Mexico, 2012), participated as a jury in the contest Listen to my voice (Mexico, 2013) and International Contest Without Barriers (Venezuela, 2016), jury in the contest of Illustration Signú (Ecuador, 2019) Member of the Jury  in the Ecuador Poster Biennial (2020), Member of the jury of the Restart and Redesign our World Contest (Ecuador, 2020),

She is a member of the "Allied Collective" and founder and organizer of the "Women Designing" project. Her work has been published by; Women designers, Graphicart News, International Amnesty, Inspiration Design, Typographic Posters, Women Designers, Women Designing, LATAM, RGB magazine and Typodarium.