Dorothee Mesander

Dorothee Mesander is a Greece based Dutch collage artist (some mixed media/assemblage work). After her studies in International Public Law in the Netherlands and the UK and subsequently a career in hotel administration, collage art has nevertheless been an integral part of her life for the last 9 years. Analogue collage is the medium through which she can most passionately visualize her imaginary world. She considers her collages narrative ones, reflections of thoughts on paper, a still movie frame you could say of a story which continues; the figurative aspects appearing in her collages, rather than abstract forms, stresses this. 


She does not (like to) work in one particular style, although the choice of mostly vintage paper, saving old magazines and books and their images from oblivion, creates a distinct imagery. Since 2011 she has participated in numerous group exhibitions, both in Greece and abroad and 2017 saw her first solo exhibition. Her last year’s submission to the Milan Collagistas Festival was picked by an Italian visual designer to feature on the cover of a publication about language with contributions of female inmates of the San Vittore Prison where the collage now hangs in their library. She gives collage workshops, participates in international art group projects and has established the Thessaloniki Collage Club, attempting to bring the medium of collage under the attention of a broader public.

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