Carmen Mavrea

Carmen  Mavrea (Trifan),  Bucharest/Fine Art Institute”N.Grigorescu,” an audiovisual artist,photographer and director & Ivan Andreevici (Dan Coridaleu, Stefan George Popa Kelbea, Radu Celan a.s.o.)  writer are cooperating from 1987. They are the first leaders of the postavangarde group cerculdisparut/vanishedcircle  exhibition/videoart/videotheater/performance/work shop/happening/masks/papiermache/writings /ceramics/multimedia ermetic music show/scenography/touring-art/puppets a.s.o. initiating and carrying on  local or international underground anticurrents:

Deviationism /Joyfullnism /Presentaphonism ornew suprematism /Ebbart /Perifairycalart /Voluntart/ Simulationism /Neodeviationism a.s.o.

The group’s initial activities are cultural journalism, performances, translations, national and international exhibitions (i. e. Triennial in Berlin, Romania Is Greeting Europe, Ceramica d’Arte Gualdo Tadino). Later on cerculdisparut goes on to undertaking wide scope multimedia shows, a.s.o. Permanent presence at Florean Museum. Interviews on Romanian Cultural Television. Festivals in Romania and abroad. Presence as author or guest in books like: Merry Deadman (Nemira Publishing House), Ion Barbu Petrila Unter Alles (Brumar Publishing House), Romanian Poetry Driven into a Corner An Anthology (Polirom Publishing House) a. s. o.

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