Bill Noir

Bill Noir, born in 1981, work and living in Strasbourg, France. "According to Bill Noir, “Collage is the fruit of roaming. The combination of gathering and recycling secondhand objects, collecting illustrations and old books, and spending time classifying, clearing, and organizing this disorder that characterizes the space of creation. The office of the collagist becomes a laboratory, a library, a meeting area of infinite possibilities.” The Strasbourg-based artist sees “The waste of the desk as a priceless treasure”, and champions collage’s inherent improvisational aspect. He merges the words “chaos” and “cosmos” to give birth to the notion of “chaosmos”, which he believes is the best way to define the practice." text by Noelia Hobeika, from “the age of collage 2” / Gestalten (Berlin) February 2016.