Axelle Kieffer

I was born and raised in France. I currently live in Savannah, GA in the US.


My artistic process began as a child while watching my grandfather painting. I remember the smell of turpentine and of oil paints. This anchored in my genes, I wanted to be an artist but did not jump right  away into an artistic career. I first obtained a bachelor's degree in comparative literature from the University of Strasbourg, France. As a post graduate, I began to study the poems Logogrammes by Christian Dotremont. This research brought me back closer to the visual art world and reawakened my passion for art. I was mainly doing oil paintings, even though I always had a passion of doing things and assembling found objects. When I moved to the US, I began to collect vintage medical books. I love so much these vintage illustrations, vintage photos and objects that I decided to incorporate them into my art.


Making handcut/ analog collages is weirdly to me closed to a laboratory genetic manipulation. My studio is a laboratory of experiment and the collage process allows me to make these paper cuts mine and thus reveal a new meaning of the images in the manner of a palimpsest. My collage work seems to aim to create a world concealing art, memory, science and - I hope ultimately poetry.

I have exhibited my work in Europe and in the US and it can be found in private collections in France, Belgium, Great Britain, New York, Seattle or Los Angeles.