Athanasia Calypso Zei

"I am Athanasia Calypso Zei and I was born in Athens, Greece. As a child, I got enrolled for 6 years in the art shcool of a Greek painter, Dimitris Mytaras. At the age of 18, I entered Athens Law School and on the same time I started my journey onto art discovery and expression. I emerged myself in a number of long-term seminars, among which the following stand out; The art in contemporary body (Mpenaki museum), Psychology through painting (Cycladic Museum), colours and painting by Dr. Katerina Mertzani. I see art from a holistic point of view, that deals with the mental state of mind mainly; a whole process that is therapeutic.

For the following 3 years I lived in Lyon, in France, doing my law masters and subsequently in Geneva, working for the Greek mission in the United nations. It was when I discovered the art of collage. I was collecting magazines and brochures from the museums I was visiting on Sundays; vivid and colourful images. 

When covid-19 emerged, I returned back to my base in Athens. The confinement pushed me into a surrealistic representation of my collage compositions. I mainly work with the human body, mostly the female figure and its reflections."