Antagonica Furry

Antagonica Furry is the pseudonym of a Bolivian woman born in the Andes.


She already presented her artistical  work in Germany, France, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico and Bolivia, where the Collage is unknown.


She works on  illustrations, on collage. She also work on photographs, paintings. In addition, she  is even a plus-size model. Anatagonica Furry Lives entirely from her art. She never participated in competitions and she has never won prizes. However. her work has already taken considerable monetary value out of her born country.


She has created for authors such as: Daniel Castelau (renowned Argentine writer), Lourette Gordon (French novelist), Daniel Olortegui (Peruvian Novelist), Darwin Fuentes (Ecuadorian artist), Daniel Castelau (Argentine writer) among others.


Her most notable works are collages, where she flows and transmutes timeless sensations, full of beings who come from some sinisterly tender mind. She touches the macabre, the dark, the erotic, the meaningless. She is a lover of  an harmoniously disorder.


She has been overcoming through hard things  in her life, since her childhood. Her life never had a fortune. In art she is  a self-taught person, she never studied arts academically.


She has  books of poetry published: Strawberry Pus, Bidet Consciousness, Poetry Cannibal, Requiebro, Confraternity of watercolor beings and her last work called BYPASS IN PASADIZO, published in Colombia. The complete issue was and already is in its first edition exhausted. The second edition has changes of form and background such as, the participation in this book's prologue was written by Antagonica's father: Leo Castillo (a Colombian poet, whom she met two years ago), where the poems are illustrated by the author, by using  collages  all of them made by hand.