Andrea Kiss

Andrea Kiss is a hungarian artist, a member of MAOE, FISE and MFVSZ. She studied at MOME in Budapest where she took two degrees (Ceramic designer and Art & Design teacher).


During the creative work her interest turned from object design to fine art (graphics, paper cutting) and in the recent years she experimented with digital photo technology as a picturing technique. Her special, sophisticated vision and themes give a deep impression to the viewer. The great interest and enthusiasm for her projects is indicated by the fact, that tens of thousands follow her creative work and has presented her latest creations in six major exhibitions in the past two years. In 2017 she won the first prize of the International Artistic Photography Contest FOKUS/2017. Her pictures of life, death and beauty also attracted the attention of European publishers. Since 2015 she has been covering eight books in Spain and Italy, which add a special atmosphere to literary works. Her own photo album was released in 2015, entitled „FemMe”.


Andrea’s thoughts of her work:

„My photographs are considered to be the pages of my personal diary. Moments of my own life show a stand-alone story, but they can often be interpreted as a part of a more complex process. I freeze the moments of my life, but I do not explain my point of view. I allow myself the freedom to enter the viewer’s world. While I am working on the photo, I am the photo myself. When the picture is in front of the audience, the viewer can discover herself/himself in it. I give a moment of my own.”