Allen Ladd

Allen Ladd (Lima, 1993) is a multidisciplinary artist, illustrator, designer and educator. Her work recreates dreamlike spaces under a narrative sequence of a psychological nature, encompassing themes related to women, nature, the psyche and the cosmos.

She studied a university degree in art at the Escuela Superior Autónoma de Bellas Artes del Perú (2012-2016), the course on Management and Development of cultural enterprises at ENSABAP (2017), a master's degree in University Education at UNE - Peru (2018- 2019), and the Marketing and web analytics course at Neetwork.

She has participated in different individual and group exhibitions such as: the individual "Re-connections" in the 1948 exhibition hall of the Universidad Mayor de San Marcos (2018), the individual "Exodus" in the Espacio La Sala Cultural house (2018), the collective "3rd International Exhibition of Collage Art at the Retroavangarda Gallery - Poland (2020), the collective" Samples of samples "at the Ricardo Palma Cultural Center (2017). In addition to managing multiple art exhibitions as co-founder of Colorbox, such as: The International Exhibition of Collage Art Krafstrom / a - 0202 in the virtual gallery of Colorbox (2020), Bauhaus 100 in the galleries of the Diego Quispe Tito University - Cusco, The French Alliance in Cusco and the Casa Blanca Cultural Center in Arequipa (2019), Abstractions - Contemporary Fragments of Peru in the Cafae cultural center (2019), among others.