Alejandra Koreck

Visual artist and medical psychoanalyst living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Exploring since 2001 several fields such as textile art, paper art, contemporary jewelry, artist book, analog collage and interactive installations. Mainly interested in the creative process, concept and experimentation; her work is animated by textures, by interaction between words and images. Collage as a poetical approach it transcends different disciplines and breath space to an unlimited openness. The collage work allows her to investigate changes in subjectivity, social bonds and bodies; art as a medium to reach out with her questions to the public. Attended several workshops such as: collage by Carolina Chocron; sculpture by Eduardo Madanes, National University of Arts; jewelry by Fabiana Gadano and Sayumi Yokouchi; paper art by Silvia Turbiner; japanese lacquer by Francine Schloeth, textile art by Dolores Casares. Since 2004 participated in many exhibitions in Argentine, Europe and USA. Her work “Fiesta” (artist book and jewelry using collage) has been selected for the prestigious Schmuck Exhibition 2013, Munich. “Borges, Obras completas” received the First Award by National Hall of Textile Art 2014, Raggio Museum, Buenos Aires. “Beyond words”, artist book, won the Merit Award 2015, by Arts and Crafts Design Award, Art Domain Group and her art paper received a mention in Sofía Paper Art Fest 2016, Amateras Foundation.


Some publications: Cut Me Up Magazine (USA, 2019), The Hand Magazine (USA, 2019), Visceral8 (USA, 2019), Beyond Bling (LACMA Museum, USA, 2017), Art Jewelry Today 4 (Schiffer Books, USA, 2015), Who is who in visual art (Art Domain Group, Germany, 2015), La Nación newspaper (Argentine, 2014), Lacan21 (Argentine, 2014 to 2019), EntreUnos (Argentine, 2013).

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