Generative Art in Argentina

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Generative Art in Argentina

Generative Art in Argentina is associated mainly with two names – Eduardo Mac Entyre (1929 – 2014) and Miguel Ángel Vidal (1928 – 2009). Both artists are the main representatives of geometric abstract art in Argentina. Their biographies hold many similarities. Both of them have shown artistic skills at an early age, at first studying pieces of  the Old .
Daniel Rodriguez - cover

Daniel Rodriguez – a breeze of contemporary art from the Andes

Contemporary Peruvian art is dominated by figurative painting. However, there is a parallel development of abstract art, initiated by Fernando de Szyszlo – a famous painter born in Lima, whose father was a polish geographer. Szyszlo, fascinated with surrealism and cubism, quickly shaped his own distinctive style. Fascination with European avantgarde can be also traced in the art of .

Contemporary Peruvian art in Retroavangarda Gallery

On 9th January 2019 at 6PM Retroavangarda Gallery in Jerozolimskie Business Park cordially invites everyone interested to the opening of a big contemporary Peruvian art exhibition ‘Abstraction and contemporary painting of Peru’. It is a very interesting review of the most recent accomplishments of 28 Peruvian artist. Most pieces were created in 2018 and they are mostly made on .