Ofelia - obraz Johna Everetta Millaisa

Beautiful Ophelia – the poetic motif of death

The imagery of drowning Ophelia has always inspired artists. Judging by the amount of pictures on the Internet, featuring all kinds of drowning females, I have a feeling the theme is constantly becoming more and more popular among young drawers. The pictures I’m talking about are usually more or less successful attempts at digital painting. It is worth to .

From surrealism to the world famous CD cover

The most distinguished artist connected with surrealism is surely Salvador Dali, yet in my opinion far more interesting paintings were created by Rene Magritte. He was humble and elegant, surely not as attention-seeking as eccentric Dali. In his paintings we can see mysterious characters next to strange objects or imaginary backgrounds. Magritte was a very precise, realistic even, painter, .