Kiryk Drewinski - plakaty

Psychedelic style in graphic design

Psychedelic style was a characteristic and easily recognizable style of the second half of the 60s. It referred both to music and visual art. Its development was influenced mainly by the hippie movement (Flower Power ideology), pacifism and interest in the culture of Far East – mostly Buddhism. The term “psychedelic music” was first used in 1966 by a .
Banksy, "I Hate Mondays!"

I hate Mondays! – Banksy

Many graphic designers and those who teach in this field will surely agree with me that in this profession a good idea is the key. A number of years ago, when I was still a student, I remember I was quite impressed by this poster: Not because it is exceptionally beautiful (it isn’t) but because it forced to think .
Ofelia - obraz Johna Everetta Millaisa

Beautiful Ophelia – the poetic motif of death

The imagery of drowning Ophelia has always inspired artists. Judging by the amount of pictures on the Internet, featuring all kinds of drowning females, I have a feeling the theme is constantly becoming more and more popular among young drawers. The pictures I’m talking about are usually more or less successful attempts at digital painting. It is worth to .