John Heartfield and the dawn of photomontage


Polish designer for Penguin Books – the green crime series by Romek Marber

Classical covers of the British publishing house Penguin has for good settled in the history of graphic design. Romek Marber has a significant part in this great achievement, a Polish designer who in 1960s created for Penguin one of the most popular crime book series. Marber was born in 1925 and after the War he migrated to Great Britain. There, .

Avant-garde inspirations – Kraftwerk, Franz Ferdinand and Laibach

The avant-garde art of the 1920s has had tremendous influence on the development of graphic design. You can find these inspirations in today’s rock music videos as well. Below, I chose a few examples which I personally find the most interesting. In the 70s in Germany a music genre called Neue Deutsche Welle (New German Wave) came into existence. .

The meaning of line directions in art – horizontals, verticals, diagonals

When painting or composing any project one should consider that different compositional layouts evoke different effects on the viewer and might evoke different connotations. The dominance of horizontal lines in a painting or a graphic design project symbolizes peace, stagnation, melancholy or even sadness. This results from subconscious association of horizontal position with sleeping, retirement or death. Here is .