Cookies – privacy policy

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Privacy is a common practice, which we value. We want our users to feel safe. This webpage describes what information will be gathered and how it will be used, as well as why sometimes the cookie files have to be kept. Below we present a part of our Privacy policy regarding the cookie files.

When entering our webpage, on the drive of your computer cookie files (small text files) might be saved. For the sake of functionality of the webpage it is recommended to keep all the cookies. If you are not sure whether they are needed or not, you can switch them off by changing settings in your web browser.

How to do it in:

You should remember that turning cookie files off will affect the functionality of this and many other pages that you visit. Turning cookies off usually has also the effect of turning off some of the webpage’s functions. That is why it is recommended not to turn cookies off. These files are used for managing the registration process and administration. Cookies are usually deleted after logging out but in some cases they might be saved in webpage’s preferences after logging out.

Since this webpage offers different services i.e. subscribing to a chosen channel, registration, e-mail services and so on, cookies might be used to show some notifications, which might be important for subscribers or registered users, or those without subscription. In some cases we can also use cookies to analyze the content of the page by Google Analytics in order to improve our website.

By deciding to reject all cookies, it will not be possible to use some of the content and services on our webpage, especially those requiring logging in. Turning cookies off does not disable the ability to browse our pages.

When using a portable device (i.e. smartphone, tablet) you can find out about the privacy policy in documentation on the website of the producer of your device.